DIY ski pole mount

GoPro DIY Ski Pole Mount

We’re big fans of fixing up a pole mount for a GoPro to get some self portrait footage when cruising down the piste. To do this, we use the vented helmet mount to grip tightly onto the non-basket (ie hand) end of a ski pole. However, note that it’s got to be done up good and tight though, or you risk losing the whole lot in the snow! You then simply angle the GoPro to look back along the length of the pole, grab the basket end and away you go! Here is an edit from Aspen which makes extensive use of the DIY pole mount (see from about 0:45 in to the video):


Another option is to purchase an X Shot Camera Extender together with the GoPro tripod mount kit.

While the X Shot is primarily designed for taking still self shots when you’re enjoying yourself, it also works great as a GoPro skiing pole mount, and without the need to fiddle around trying to get the vented helmet strap tight enough.