GoPro Head Strap

The basic option for using your GoPro skiing is the GoPro head strap, which turns the GoPro into a classic helmet cam. The headstrap comprises a head band that goes round the head, together with a middle strap that goes over the top. The elastic straps are adjustable, and at their longest setting will fit snuggly around most skiing helmets. The straps are also lined with sticky rubber, so they will grip well to the surface.

Although it sounds obvious, the key point of the head strap is that the GoPro captures whatever it is that you are looking at. This can be both a blessing and a curse when skiing – while it’s good to get a true ‘POV’ shot, when reviewing the footage you often find that you move your head a lot more than you think you might, and this can be distracting. The effect is particularly pronounced when you quickly look from side to side.

The GoPro head strap is available on AmazonĀ here:

Here is a useful video showcasing the difference between the head mount and the chest mount when skiing: